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How to Play DevotedCraft
Idea How Play:

  1. Download Technic launcher
  2. Launch the Techninc launcher and login using you minecraft account.
  3. Go to the MODPACKS tab and type in the search bar "DevotedCraft"
  4. Click install in the bottom right.
  5. Once it is installed click Play in the bottom right.
  6. Once the modpack has finished loading navigate to multiplayer and connect! Have Fun!
Tips for a smooth experience:

  1. Install Java 64bit
  2. If open restart Technic Launcher
  3. In the top right click launcher options and choose the java settings tab
  4. Under Minecraft java version choose the 64-Bit option
  5. Under Memory choose atleast 4GBs or more
If you have any problems launching the mod pack or any questions please connect to our teamspeak server and join the DevotedCraft Support channel.
Ts3 IP:

Have Fun!
DG President Jerkyjosh

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